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Wound/Ostomy Supplies

Wound/Ostomy Supplies

Wound – Ostomy Supply Catalogs

National Rehab:  800-451-6510 www.nationalrehab.com

Illinois Public Aid = yes

MO Medicaid = no.

Medicare accepted for wound and ostomy supplies.

CCS Medical:  888-724-4357  www.ccsmed.com

Illinois Public Aid = yes. (accepted for wound, ostomy & incontinence supplies);  accepts IPA pending.

MO public aid = no.

Medicareaccepted for wound and ostomy supplies.

Advance Tissue:  866-217-9900 www.advtis.com Wound care supplies ONLY

Illinois Public Aid = yes.  Accepts pending as secondary ins

MO public aid = no.

Medicare is accepted for wound care supplies only.

Byram:  877-902-9726 www.byramhealthcare.com

Illinois public aid = no.

Mo public aid = no.

Medicare accepted for wound and ostomy supplies.

Edgepark:  877-334-3727 or 800-321-0591 www.edgepark.com

Illinois Public Aid accepts some managed care contracts only.

MO Public Aid= no.

Medicare accepted for ostomy supplies only.

Shield Healthcare:  800-266-7270  www.shieldhealthcare.com

Illinois Public Aid = yes (wound and ostomy and urological incontinence supplies only, IPA pending requires a managers approval).

MO public aid = no.

Medicare accepted for wound ostomy supplies.

Parthenon  800-453-8898  www.parthenoninc.com

Wound Care Resources 888-287-9797   fax:877-287-2007 http://woundcareresources.net  Wound care supplies only.

Medicare accepted for wound supplies.

Illinois public aid = yes, wound supplies only.

Mo Medicaid = no.

Medical West 314-725-1888 Brentwood/ 314-290-2200 soco Ronnies Plaza accepts medicare and some Mo Medicaid.

Provider Plus 314-961-8500/ 800-976-9322

St. Louis Medical Supply 314-821-7355

Beverly Hills Pharmacy 314- 381-8600

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